Rapido Bytes is an innovative technology, first of its kind with 1:4 traffic engine embedded to get free traffic to your website from targeted locations across the world. The best way to get traffic for free of cost. Signup now and generate free traffic that is genuine and real time web traffic.


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Amazing platform for publishers across the world. You are at right place to explore solutions to meet your requirements. Publisher can increase free traffic for multiple websites. Publisher can boost traffic. Publisher can monetize traffic from us as well as other sources. Traffic generated is genuine and realtime from various unlimited websites.


Rapido Bytes is powerful platform through which branding is more easier and highly economical than any other conventional methods targeting online Audience based on locations. At single point you can access multiple websites for targeted cities and areas to publish your brand. The platform has multiple solutions to suit your requirements. Please contact us to understand your needs and suggest you right RaBy technologies.


RaBy-T is a free traffic aggregator technology that helps to distribute your website links on other websites. In addition to that RaBy-T also helps to monetize your website traffic. First of its kind 1:4 traffic generator-engine is embedded in RaBy-T which works based on "3CS Invention".

If your website can bring one unique visit to other website then you earn 4 points to get back four unique visits to your promoted website links for targeted geo locations.

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SPA (Smart Page Ads)

Good News for Print Media!
SPA is another exciting technology to quickly try out. You can publish Ads on your website page anywhere, any size and any format. Ad customization is completely in your hands.
SPA helps you to organize your Ads even to deliver location specific users within a city. It is a great technology to monetize your webportal significantly on Unique Impression based.
The Page Ads concept is quiet smart in terms of charging Advertiser. Just publishing Ad on a webpage is not enough that should be visible on the screen of any device.


Hire RaBy! Sounds awesome right. This is an amazing handle to run your own customer Ads on RaBy-H widget. This is most suitable for webportal that attracts a massive traffic daily or specific business network traffic. Contact us to know more about this technology to delight your Advertisers and add additional revenue source using your professional webportal.

MRA (Multi RaBy Advertiser)

An advertiser who wishes to release Ads on our selected RaBy-H publishers is given an exclusive MRA dashboard to track all Ads running at various publishers.